A couple of years back (when I still hadn’t watched the show) I used to wonder why was a TV show which had ended like 13 years back still creating all the hype? I used to feel that everyone was way over their head to act like this. But then on 29th July 2016, I watched the first episode of FRIENDS and the things have never been the same again! I have turned into one of those maniacs and I am proud of it.

These are just a few of those many reasons why Friends is the best sitcom ever.

1.Addressed Taboos

Friends1 - 5 Reasons why FRIENDS is the best show ever?
Better than Ross-A-Tron!

Sensitive issues like Divorce, ruined childhood, adoption, single mother and surrogacy were just some of the many social issues that were taken during the course of 10 seasons. Right from Ross’ 3 divorces to Chandler’s ruined childhood to Joey choosing to be a lone wolf.

Frineds2 - 5 Reasons why FRIENDS is the best show ever?
And one of the child’s name was Frank Jr Jr.

Also, it was amazing how each of the 3 female characters dealt with childbirth. Monica showed that adoption is fine while Rachael depicted that being a single mother is no wrong. Also, Phoebe showed how surrogacy is completely normal in its own right. The way these topics were handled and shown that it is fine and not something to feel ashamed of is why the show is still regarded as the best.


2. Equal Importance to all characters

Friends 2 - 5 Reasons why FRIENDS is the best show ever?
Squad goals.

Okay, you get to choose one between Chandler, Joey, Monica, Phoebe, Rachael and Ross and save them while the rest get erased from the history (Sorry for the Dragon Ball Super pun :p ). Can’t choose right?

Characters are something that either make or break the show! Many-a-times we see that over a course of seasons some characters lose their shine and become sort of irrelevant. This show as a whole progressed over the years, but each individual character also progressed over the seasons. Each character grew up and matured throughout the years, making it real.


3. 20’s struggles.

friends 3 - 5 Reasons why FRIENDS is the best show ever?
Just Hug out all your tensions!

While all the other TV shows in the past or even in the present sugar-coat all the harsh realities of life in your 20’s, FRIENDS openly addressed these issues. Whether your Co-worker hates you or your career is stuck in a loop, many such questions were answered. TBH FRIENDS is still a good guide of how to live life now, even 23 years later since its debut.


4. Relatable to real life

Friends3 - 5 Reasons why FRIENDS is the best show ever?
Why, God, Why?

The best thing about FRIENDS is how surprisingly close it is to the real life situations! Everytime I think of some weird situation that I feel hasn’t been shown in the series, I fail miserably at my attempt. I definitely can’t be alone who has done this. I still watch the show and translate their problems into my own and figure out how to properly fix it.


5. Theme Song.

Friends5 - 5 Reasons why FRIENDS is the best show ever?
Me everytime I hear the Intro theme!

“Let’s skip the intro music!” This is a line that probably no FRIENDS fan one has ever said. Right from the catchy 90’s music to every 12 episodes changing video of the song, it has always been one the best part of the show. The line “Cause you’re there for me too ♥” always gives me goosebumps.


Friends4 - 5 Reasons why FRIENDS is the best show ever?


Well with that being said, I am off to watch some random episode of some random season of FRIENDS. Ciao! 👋

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