Who Am I?

 Hello! I am Bhavesh Bellara, a 22 year old blogger from India. Oh yes,  I am also an IT Engineer from Thadomal Shahani  Engineering College(TSEC) in Mumbai. 

I love Sports. Also I love talking socializing  and interacting with people. In this blog you will find blogs related to my perosonal life experiences,  crazy trends around world, honest reviews about various stuff and many tutorials as well. 

Why Create This Blog?

I always had a knack for writing catchy Facebook posts and Instagram caption. My friends always suggested me to start a blog since a long time. However, it is only recently that I took their advice and started one. I have been in love with blogging since then and now there is no turning back. 

With this blog look to connect with people from around the world. So feel free to contact me because I will definitely respond.

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