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The biggest craze of this year so far has been the 3-inch twirling toy called as Fidget Spinner.  What Pokémon Go managed to do last year, has been repeated by the Fidget Spinner.

For all those wondering what basically is a Fidget Spinner, here is a simple breakdown of it.

⇒A fidget spinner has two or three paddle-shaped blades attached to a central core. Squeeze the core, give the blades a flick and they spin. That’s it.

Many people think that it is a new age toy developed by a 90’s kid however, they are so wrong. It is a toy that was 1st made two decades back! Yes, it was 1st made by a woman named Catherine Hettinger in 1993. (Whoa I wasn’t even born then!)

She basically decided to develop a toy which could act as a medium of distraction for young boys who she saw throwing rocks at police officers and people walking past them while visiting her sister in Israel.

While the basic idea was to act as a medium of distraction, it is now being marketed as something that can help you relieve stress and concentrate better (Total opposite right!).  Before this outrageous demand for them, they were basically mostly used by kids with autism or attention disorders to help them with concentration.

fidget spinner 2342829 640 - Fidget Spinner: Why so much hype?
Perfect to carry around!

But the main driving factor behind the success of Fidget Spinner has been their excellent marketing strategy. With the product just being a few inches in size, it is pocket-friendly which serves as another bonus point. However, the biggest plus point is its price range. With the toy being available at as low as $3, it is possible for most kids to buy from their pocket money itself, rather than convincing their parents to buy them one.

On, 18 of the top 20 best-selling toys and games were fidget spinners. This what a good marketing strategy can do to a product.

Personal experience:

When I first got my hands on my friend’s Fidget Spinner I was way too much excited because of all the hype! Holding one between my thumb and middle finger, I was expecting some crazy stuff to come. After the first spin, I was like “This is awesome!” But with the novelty factor gone after spinning it 5 more times, I thought to myself “Is this it?”  I was expecting a bit more, maybe this was because of all the hype that had been generated.

But what happened next was even more surprising. I wanted to keep spinning it again and again! Now a couple of hours later, while writing this blog, I feel like I want the spinner back. Pure madness this thing is!

This product is what it claims to be that is ADDICTIVE and FUN! With all the YouTube videos of people spinning it on their foreheads, fingers, shoes, etc. the craze is not going to die anytime soon.

Honestly, I loved it and intend on buying it. It is easily available in various colors and prices. Some of the most popular and trending varieties of spinners are Captain America, Batman, Dragon.

You can buy them here.

13 thoughts on “Fidget Spinner: Why so much hype?”

  1. People do like to have something in hand while watching tv or playing games.. Its a good way of keeping urself busy ????

  2. I have seen them behind counters and people have to ask the cashier for them. I personally don’t have time to sit and play with a toy. I would much rather build something, but that is just my opinion. I have worked with many children with Autism, I could see this as a distraction but also as something they could have as an reward for a certain behavior. To each their own and if it works for some then great ?

  3. Okay I am so happy that I stumbled upon this post. I am an Elementary School teacher and these became popular at my school in the last two months. I could not understand what all of the hype was about!! They seemed to be more of a distraction than anything, but I am happy to see kids playing with something that is not an ipad or a tablet! These really remind me of my childhood days and some of the things that entertained us =) Thanks for writing this!

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