As a newbie in the blogging world, choosing a topic/niche to write on could be a daunting task. I still remember how much time it took for me to land on my 1st topic. So here are a few popular topics to blog on.

Note: This is the part 1 of a 2-part blog.

1. Travel Blogging:

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Travelling is always a bliss.

No matter how connected we get, travel will always be a popular topic for online searches.

We all want to travel somewhere exotic and new. Any advice on how to do it cheaply is always appreciated. And that’s what travel blogging is all about.

Travel Blogging requires the writer to travel to different places and then write about their experience of the trip. Many bloggers also include photographs from their trip to give it a personal touch.

Pros: You get to travel new places and see new cultures.

Cons: In the initial stages of your blogging career you have to pay your own travel expenses. However, if your blog gets famous, then there are many companies that actually sponsor your travel expense.


2. Food Blogger:

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Get paid to eat Food!

Food blogging nowadays is gaining quite a bit of attention with every other day new restaurants opening up. These new restaurants pay such food bloggers to taste and then write about their food in their blogs and thereby lure people to their restaurant.  So if you are food-lover and have a knack for being an influential writer, this is for you.

Another type of food blogging is a cooking blog. Here you can share your cooking recipes as well some tips and tricks in your blog. This is a very popular option these days.


Cons: Just like the case of a travel blogger, initially you need to pay for yourself for the food you eat before you can review them.


3. Fashion Blogger:

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Time to put your Fashion Sense to use!

Fashion is an integral part of the 21st century. People are constantly trying to look better than the rest of their counterparts using whatever options available to them. This makes the perfect environment for the Fashion Bloggers to thrive upon. Using their knowledge in this field, they write about various tips and tricks of fashion and also promote new brands thereby by making money out of it.

Pros: Getting paid to try new Clothes, makeup, etc. from newly launched companies.

Cons: Huge initial investment as most of the brands are too expensive.


4. Book Reviewer:

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Love Books?

They always say “Books are a man’s best friend”. However not all books are the same, some of them are too good while some of them are pretty boring. Then how to know which ones are worth our time?

Book Review is the answer!

With the power of the internet, people like to check the reviews of the books before purchasing them. These reviews are written by the people who have read them and have shared their opinion for the public to read. You as a book review blogger could be that person!

Pros: If you love reading books then this is a category on which you would love to write on. Also, your knowledge increases by reading so many books.

Cons: It takes a lot of time to read a book before you can review it.


5. Tech Blogs:

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Tech-O-Freak are you?

Tech blogs are basically a type of troubleshooting articles. Not everyone is good with technology, however, everyone loves to use latest tech stuff. So it is pretty obvious that at some point or other they will get stuck in some situation that they have no idea. It is then that these Tech blogs find their readers. Writing such a blog is very easy as the solution to every problem is fixed and thus requires no extra thinking or creativity from your side which is why they are most one of the most widely adopted in the category of blog-writing. It just requires you to know that particular stuff you are writing on!

Pros: The lifetime of these blogs are very high.

Cons: You need to be constantly be updated with the latest technologies.

These are just some of the popular topics from my compiled list. The part 2 of this blog will be coming up soon. To get notified when it is uploaded subscribe to the blog below.

Also, any popular topics that you know and want to share with other bloggers, let it be known in the comments.


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