Pop Question: Should it be compulsory to wear helmet while driving in the city?

Well, personally I choose the B option! Surprised? Well, hear out my reason first before judging me…
Firstly I 100% agree that helmet should be worn for the safety reasons but however, the idea of making it compulsory is something that I don’t fully understand.
“OH SHIT!” that’s how most of us react when we see a traffic police while driving. This is basically due to the fact that these cops impose various fines on people based on the baseless charges to extract money from them. While doing so this helmet rule gives them an unopposable power.
Just yesterday one of my friends was stopped by a traffic policeman for not wearing a helmet. An offense according to current rules, agreed! But what he said further was baffling. He said,

Police ko dekh ke bhi siddha aane ki himaat! Naka-bandi dikhai nai deti kya? Chal nikal license.

It is a well-known fact that a naka-bandi is arranged to keep a check on suspecting and unruly vehicles (such as trucks, tempo). Then instead of keeping a check on them why are they using all their efforts to catch the bike riders? Maybe to complete a monthly target of fine collections! Yes, they do have monthly targets just like the rest of the corporate jobs. Ever noticed the frequency of this so-called naka-bandi getting increased towards the month-end! Now you have your answer about why it happens.
And a fun fact is that you can actually bargain for the fine and then they write that offense accordingly on the receipt. Funny isn’t it?

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However, the biggest reason for me choosing B option is that in a heavily crowded city like Mumbai where you can never predict when a person or vehicle would appear in front of you out of nowhere, it becomes a little difficult to pay attention to all the sides of the road simultaneously when the helmet is on. The biggest problem comes when you have to take a U-turn. As the helmet is fully closed around your head it becomes a bit difficult to check on vehicles behind.

However, I do agree that on Highways and outside the city it should be mandatory to wear a helmet because none of the above problems exist there. Also, those are the places where most of the accidents take place.
Personally, I always wear the helmet while driving outside the city but become a bit reluctant to wear it inside the city because it becomes a bit difficult to negotiate the traffic. Also, I have seen many people who aren’t comfortable in them.
So now what good would a helmet do to a person if they can’t concentrate solely on driving because half their attention is taken by the discomfort of the helmet?

Though the helmet is important it shouldn’t be made a compulsion because not everyone is comfortable in it and if a person ain’t comfortable, how can he drive safely?. Now that you know the reason behind my answer’s choice let me know your choice by voting on the link below. Don’t worry its completely anonymous and no sign up is needed to vote! VOTE UP!

Should it be compulsory to wear helmets while driving in the city?



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