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With the boom in the Computer Technology over the past 2 decades, the jobs prospects for Computer Engineers have gone through the roof when compared to other Engineering fields. Such a huge demand lead to the birth of new specialization field “INFORMATION TECHNOLGY” – younger sibling of Computer Science.

Having done IT Engineering myself, I am constantly bombarded with questions like “Which is better CS or IT? And why?” on my Quora profile.

This is why I have decided to write this blog where I have mentioned all the differences between them and also the career prospects in each of them.


1. Difference

It is a common myth that CS is entirely hardware while Information Technology is completely software!

The truth is that both are a mixture of hardware and software in almost similar proportions. The only noticeable difference between them is their names!


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2. Syllabus

Over the course of 4 years, hardly 5-6 subjects are different other than that everything is same. Besides those, many of the subjects just have different but the contents in those subjects remain the same. Ultimately both the fields study the same thing.


3. Career Prospects

Now, this is the most important point of them all. Both CS and IT Graduates work in the same offices with the same job profile. Also, the salaries that both of them receive are the same!


So the final word is both CS and Information Technology are 99% same and that 1% which is different doesn’t matter at all. Don’t let the difference in name confuse you ever again.

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