Remember that iconic dialogue from 3 idiots “Ladka hua to Engineer aur ladki hui toh Doctor!”

This is so true nowadays that almost every parent want their kids to be either a doctor or an engineer. It’s like they don’t consider any other profession to be good enough when compared to these two.

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Just a simple meme OR a bitter truth?

This may just look like a meme to laugh about, but this is the actual truth. There are countless examples of kids doing engineering 1st and then going on to become something they really have the passion for. Anil Kumble, R Ashwin, Disha Patani, Kriti Sanon are some of the many examples of this scenario.

Even from my personal experience, I first thought that blog-writing was an utter waste of time because I never tried writing one due to lack of time during my engineering. But now having posted a few blogs I feel so inclined towards it that  I have started taking out time to write blogs specially and will continue to do so.

We’re living in a world with an increasing amount of non-traditional jobs such as app developer, social media manager, digital strategist, content writer- the list goes on. And you can make as much money in these jobs as you would in any other job.

People think that these are easy jobs, however, the truth is they are more difficult than the traditional jobs where the work is mostly monotonous. In People think that YouTubing is as easy as facing the camera and performing, what they don’t realize is the time required to write the script, edit the video, and make it socially trending. If any of these factors fails then the video flops completely.


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Chetan Bhagat

No matter how badly people troll Chetan Bhagat, one has to applaud his guts for following his passion of becoming a writer even after doing MBA for IIM-Ahmedabad, country’s premier institute for MBA. Most of us would never even think about taking such a step due to parental and society pressure. He took a leap of faith and look how successful he has become.

Now imagine your dad’s response when you tell him that you want to take YouTubing as a full-time profession! Can’t think of him giving a positive reply right? Me neither.

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Time to change our mindset!

It’s in India that such creative professions are not valued much, however, in the western countries such professions are seen with a high-level of respect. It’s about time that we change our thinking that “Engineer/Doctor ban ja, baki sab me scope nai hai!”

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