Remember the game that took the world by storm in 2016? Yes, I am talking about POKEMON GO! The reason this game was so well received was probably that it actually gave you the feeling of being a trainer like Ash. Travelling around the world and Pokemon popping up randomly in front of you (well on your mobile screens actually but who is complaining) was something that we all dreamt of as a kid. Well, thanks to Niantic it had become a reality and the hype surrounding it was real! The rise of this game was so meteoric that the shares of the company rose by over 30% in a flash. But what once was a meteoric rise was followed by an equally drastic fall. Fast forward to 2018, the game has lost a majority of its users and ever since Pokemon Go has been left to catch up.

However, the main reason you are here reading this article is thinking “Is it worth to give Pokemon Go another chance? If yes, then why should I?” Continue scrolling to know why you should give the game one more chance!

  1. Lots of new features.

The major reason why Pokemon Go couldn’t hold the majority of its players was because of the lack of updates. Also what Niantic didn’t think ahead of time was that it wasn’t going to take people too long to get bored with the original 151 set of Pokemon. But now the things have changed, Gen2 and Gen3 Pokemon are here. Many new add-ons such as special items needed for evolution, TMs, berries are here to make the game more interesting. Along with this, there are special events such as Halloween event, New Year special event and so on. Each event has something new and gives the players a chance to get rarer species of Pokemon and also get additional EXP points.

pokemon go halloween 1024x495 - Why you should start playing Pokemon Go again?
Honestly, such events are sure exciting!


  1. Legendaries are here!

In the initial versions of the game, it was impossible to catch them all because legendaries such as Mewtwo never pooped up. Dragonite was the best you could have and that too required insane amount of effort. But now learnt from its earlier mistake, Niantic have brought in raid events via which you can easily catch these legendaries. Also, there are events within events such as getting an Ex-raid pass which is required to catch a Mewtwo!

P.S. I have 2 Rayquazas and 1 Kyogre so far and I have returned to the game just a week back.

Pokemon GO Rayquaza 1024x1024 - Why you should start playing Pokemon Go again?
More Legendaries getting added soon 😉


  1. Gym battles have improved.

Remember the bragging rights when your group held a gym in your locality? Well, the good stuff remains the same with new features being added to it. Raid battles that I spoke about earlier is a really cool feature. These raid battles are the only way to catch the legendary Pokemon such as Rayquaza, Zapdos, etc. But the best thing about these raids battle is that you combine forces with players of other than your own team to take down the legendary Pokemon. whats more is that you daily get a free raid pass needed to join these raid battles with the option of purchasing more from the store.

Vote below to show your team’s dominance!

Pokemon Go Team - Why you should start playing Pokemon Go again?

Which team do you belong to?

Team Valor
Team Instinct
Team Mystic


  1. Yes, you can still spoof locations!

Let’s be honest here, Pokemon Go is not very easy to play with all the travelling that the game demands (although that’s the whole point of the game!) Well as the saying goes “There is always a way out!” This applies here as well. Despite all the security updates from Niantic, we still can spoof locations and fool the game servers. There are certain ways to make this possible on both Android as well as iOS devices. So just sit back and catch a region-based Pokemon such as Tropius found only in South-Africa all while sitting on your couch at home.

pokemon go raid 1024x576 - Why you should start playing Pokemon Go again?
Catching a Tyranitar was never easier before!

If you want a detailed guide on how to spoof locations let me know in the comments sections below.

Personally, I am certainly finding these new updates very exciting and attractive. And so the dream resumes, Gotta Catch’Em all.

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